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Matthew and Crazy Pages are now 3CX Partners.
3cx Replaces old telephone systems, and brings new features, flexibilities and cost savings to businesses small and large (as well as home workers)
Utilising SIP trunks gives far greater telecoms flexibility than ever available before.

The PBX Communications Solution for the New World Reality

Has the pandemic exposed your business communications? Can your employees work productively from home using voice apps and web conferencing? Conduct remote business meetings without requiring apps? Service customer requests via website live chat? Future proof your business during the lockdown and beyond with 3CX PBX:

  • Easy to manage PBX built for teleworking
  • App Free Web / Video Conferencing
  • Stay open safely with Website Live Chat
  • Use office extensions anywhere with the Smartphone apps

Run 3CX on-premise or in the cloud

  • Have multiple extensions on one telephone
  • Choose your o/c CID based on extension
  • An interesting use of the above, is we can program one of your telephone’s extensions to have the o/g caller ID of your mobile number, enabling you to look as if you are calling from your mobile, when you are on your desk phone
  • Simultaneous ringing of desk phone and mobile phone

If you have the technical & IT skills to set up your own cloud or on-premises telephony service, download a copy HERE

For 3CX and Voip telephony in South West France, contact:-