HikVision Help

This info is made freely available for everyone, but is mainly aimed at our own Hi-definition CCTV clients (HikVision based recorders)

Firstly we need to establish if you have the older style recorder’s interface, or the new Gui4 interface pictured below. After right clicking on the screen and unlocking using the screen swipe drawing, you should get the new V4 interface. If not move below to Old style Interface

Hikvision NVR / GUI 4.0 interface
Image courtesy of: https://www.use-ip.co.uk


The icon that is second from the left showing a “play” triangle with an anti-clockwise arrow around it, is how to select Playback.

Here is a PDF that show you how to view and export recordings


If you do NOT see this interface then you are on the older version, so please proceed below.

{Older Interface} Playback and export (you need to plug in a USB stick into the recorder – first)

If you right click on your recorders screen , select playback (after unlocking the screen with the screen swipe etc) and see the image above, then you are on the older sytle interface.
Select the camera(s) you wish to view, and the days in the calendar will change colour to indicate available recording days.

Select the required days / date. Double click the day, and a 24 hour time-slot should appear, and the image that was recorded at the start of that time.

on the 1-24 (hours) bar, drag and drop the vertical line (cursor) to the approximate time you need. Use the playback button to review and cue the recording.

select the scissor icon to mark the start of the recording you need, and then drag the cursor to the end point, and select the scissors again.

On the bottom left menu select the cog icon (it says File Manager)

In here you can select and export the recordings you marked to your USB stick.
(Note you can select multiple parts of the recording and export them at the same time, also note that the NVR may split you snipped images into more than one file)

Old style Interface

(there is a video with more option on Youtube – here courtesy of CCTVTEK

Insert USB stick in the machine now.

Old interface

Select Playback

Select camera(s), then Date

Position cursor on the time line, and drag it to the start of the incident, Then Click the scissors (Start Clipping)

Then drag cursor in the time line to the end of the incident, and click the scissors again (end clipping)

Next click the cog icon ( File manager)

select the files you wish to export