Cloud Telephony

It’s Time to Kick good Ol’ BT into touch !

With our Cloud Telecoms packages, you can save on line rental and call charges.

Choose from a simple SiP Line – connected to a Cordless or desk phone, or go all-out and have a fully functioning telephone system with loads of high-end features, all in the cloud.

Please remember, you will still need a BT land line, purely to carry the Broadband service the Cloud Telephony Packages, works with,
and, we do offer a saving there, a Data Only PSTN line.
It does have a BT type Geographic number, that can still receive calls if required. However, it is Out Going Call Barred, so any calls out would be on the Voip or SiP systems, below.

Note also, any existing BT numbers CAN be transferred (ported) in, so when you make your Outgoing calls, they will give your old line number out as the caller ID.

Of course, you are going to need excellent ‘Business Class Broadband’ to run your system on, and we provide that too, as either ADSL or FTTC  services.

If you are a One – Person business, working from home, then a SiP trunk would be the way to go.

If there are 2, 3 or more of you working in an office, and you want to be able to transfer calls between phones, and have all the ‘Bells and whistles’ of a Modern, High-tech cloud based system, then a Cloud Hosted PBX is the way to go.

Both services you can manage using your Portal, from an Internet Browser.

You need a SiP / VoIP phone to connect to this service (or a Samsung 7030 on site phone system from us) SiP and VoIp Phones

Sip / Voip Products and pricing
Yealink W60P DECT  £  115.70
Yealink T46S IP Phone  £    98.80
Yealink T48S IP Phone  £  213.20
Yealink T42S Business Phone  £    98.80
Yealink T23G SIP Phone  £    78.00
LLU / TTBusiness Broadband
ADSL  £    14.95
ADSL + line rental  £    24.99
FTTC 40/10 inc line rental  £    32.95
FTTC 80/20 Inc line rental  £    34.95
BTW Market B BT Wholesale Broadband
ADSL 2+  £    14.33
FTTC 40/10  £    27.98
FTTC 80/20  £    31.40
sip trunk each  £      4.75
1 sip trunk + 2000 mins 01,02,03 and 1000 mobiles  £    15.99
Cloud PBX per client  £    23.50

If you want to know more about the technology we and our Telecoms Partner  **, use read more here and  Compare SiP Trunk and Cloud PBX

For expert advice and to discuss your requirements, please get in touch NOW

All prices are PLUS VAT

* Needs VDSL / FTTC Router, By Draytek, supplied by US

 Call Packages, if you don’t want PYG