External Security

Protecting assets and property externally, we supply and install a combination of False-alarm – Immune sensors and CCTV

All our CCTV can be remotely monitored over Broadband.

Senors by Optex and RedWall

Dual PIR and PIR / Microwave sensors

Active Infra-red beams, Dual or quads.

Best advice is, as always, get expensive equipment in a building, so we can protect the building.

If this is not possible, ensure anything to be protected is easilly veiwable by CCTV, and we can use a combination of Movement sensors and / or active infrared beams.

Our systems can be used to announce the arrival of people also, and teamed with easy to use GJD Controls

we can offer an easy to use external security system, that just alarms people, or activates CCTV and Lighting as required – coupled with GSM diallers can add remote alerting too.