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Latest project;- Lambing / Calving

Lambing cameras, no recording required, no internet in the buildings.

This was a simple job, which involved consigning one ancient Agri-cam camera and it’s boxes of tricks to the bin, then installing 2 x Hikvision pan, tilt, zoom cameras, with 50m. IR.
whilst I was at it, I installed new cables, a power supply secured to the wall in a weatherproof box, and a new 5Ghz IP link *, to send the images across to the house to connect to the internet (and then onto smart phone / tablet)

As no recording was required, a digital video recorder was not provided, giving an instant saving of around £300

* the 5Ghz IP link can send CCTV signals upto 10km between buildings, but it is strictly a “line of site” system, i.e. the buildings have to be able to see each other.
alternatively, if there is no internet in the building where the cameras are required, a 4g router can be used and you pay for a wireless broadband sim card on which ever network is stronger.

No mains electricity on site ?
I can still get you remotely viewable cameras there, but it would be at a price, example below;-

fixed lens solar powered camera with 4g remote connectivity

It can be used in the areas that are not suitable for laying wired network and electric supply lines, or used for the scenes that feature tough environment and have high demanding for device stability. It can be used for monitoring the farms, electric power cables, water and river system, oil pipelines and key forest areas. It also can be used in the temporary monitoring scenes, such as the large-scale competitions, the sudden public activity, the temporary traffic control and the city construction. Hikvision ColorVu technology provides 24/7 vivid colourful images with F1.0 advanced lenses and high performance sensors. F1.0 super-aperture collects more light to produce brighter images. Advanced sensor technology can vastly improve the utilization of available light. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, Hikvision AcuSense technology brings human and vehicle targets classification alarms to front- and back-end devices. The system focuses on human and vehicle targets, vastly improving alarm efficiency and effectiveness.

This camera needs a sturdy pole, and excluding installation and sundries would be £1500 approx.

If you are interested in the above fixed camera, I am willing to offer one camera installed FOC for a job confirmed and paid for upfront, this November ’22 (mounting post supplied by others). Get in touch now if this is you, for a free site survey. Note. it does need access to sunlight to charge!!

You have electricity, but no internet?

It is pretty common nowadays, to connect recorders or standalone cameras via 3/4g providing at least one provider has a good signal in the area where you need the cameras.

Farm Security

With a Video Recorder, we can gather information in case of trespass or theft, to hand to the Police, and a new cost effective system to help in this is ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) . whilst we all know that number plates can be cloned or just false, they can be searched for on live traffic systems regardless of this, which may help to catch thieves.

If you have a restricted access to your farm, (or 2) then an ANPR camera and appropriate recorder can identify and record a registration number from vehicles used in theft (or accidental damage etc). Whilst you may think a normal camera and recorder can record number plates (which it can), a dedicated camera and appropriate recorder captures the plate and puts them into a searchable database for search and retrieval at a later date.

These cameras are normally backed up with a second, wide angle, scene camera.

General farm security, can be a combination of High definition fixed cameras and PTZ’s IP or tvi cameras…

The most useful recent advances being higher definition images (4k etc) ** Colorvu (where a discrete white led is on each camera, enables 24/7 colour colour images day and night) and acusense, a detection algorythm, designed to reduce false alarms, when cameras are used as intruder detection as well, by concentrating on human and / or vehicle only targets in the image view. Alerts from acusense cameras are then sent, with a short video clip, to smart phone users with the free app. These are great technologies, click on the keyword links for more info..

Cheaper CCTV systems

Money can be saved if there is no need to send CCTV images between buildings without cables. Coaxial cables can still carry HD images, and the cameras are a lot cheaper. This Tvi technology uses cable to carry the images (and sometimes the power as well), but in the end, if your buildings are all detached from the house (or the internet source) then IP cameras maybe required.

I already have CCTV but I am not happy…

If your existing cables are still serviceable, there is no reason why you cannot save on installation costs and just have new HD cameras and a new recorder. Just note, that if you view your images on a local screen, the TV or monitor need to have a spare hdmi socket, and be fully HD capable for 1080 images (not HD ready) Monitors are not too expansive, and many farms now enjoy Large HD images on a dedicated screen, on all the time (images on smart phone are necessarily of low resolution)

for a free quotation or more info on any of the above, please call matthew of Crazy Pages CCTV

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**** Important: I work between the UK and France, so I am not always instantly available to fix things, in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong! (especially during the wedding season, as I DJ in France)
Having said that, the equipment is extremely reliable under normal circumstances, and many installations I have not been back to for some years, And I have a reliable guy in Chesterfield I can call on if necessary ****