How can we help you protect your buildings and property with CCTV?

For the last few years, we have been installing high definition Camera Systems across Derbyshire. Every client is pleasantly surprised with the very clear images that are simply miles away for the grainy virtually useless images of old!
With the latest innovations of 24/7 ColourVU Series cameras*, we can eliminate the Black & White images synonymous with night time viewing under Infra-red lighting, and get more information from full colour images, day and night

Our CCTV systems consist of The Digital Video Recorder, which contains the Hard Disk Storage Device, and connects your camera system to the internet, to allow for Remote Viewing via PC, Smart Phone App etc, as well as to receive notifications. They are commonly available in 4 Cam, 8, 16 and 32 camera versions.

Cables are then required to connect out to each camera. A camera or collection of cameras that are in a remote building can be linked back to the recorder via or Microwave IP links. These can connect remote buildings to each other and back to the recorder location. They do need direct line-of-sight to work but can go upto 10km

To view the images on site, I can either connect the system direct to your main TV (needs spare HDMI socket , and should be HD 1080p compatible for best results) and / or using a good internet connection, live and recorded images can be viewed via smart phone app or on a PC anywhere with 3/4g / Internet connectivity.